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10 Best Tight Ends In Madden NFL 24

The best players in Madden NFL 24 make great use of top-tier tight ends, who have to be great at blocking and catching passes.

In Madden NFL 24, to be a great tight end, you have to be able to block and catch as well as the best of them. Some of these players are better at one or the other, but they are all at least good at both. If they weren’t, they would be moved to the offensive line or the wide receiver position.

Tight ends don’t usually get as many catches as wide receivers because they have to block on a lot of plays. In Madden NFL 24, it would be easy for the other team to call plays if they always tried to pass. Franchise experts love the tight ends on this list because they can make the other team go crazy trying to figure out the strategy.

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