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13 Best PVE Classes In Black Desert

Black Desert has both PVP and PVE content, and these are some of the best classes for PVE-focused players.

Black Desert is one of the most beautiful MMORPGs that have ever come out. The game has a lot of different things to do and character types to explore and level up. Black Desert has twenty-four classes as of right now. Each one is made in a way that makes it different from the others. The best part of Black Desert is its fighting, which is very flashy and has great animations for each type of weapon and skill.

Every class has strong elemental attacks and elegant strikes that can be chained together against the monsters in the huge open world. Because Black Desert has both PVP and PVE (Player vs. Player) material, some classes do better against NPCs than others. Here are some of the best Black Desert classes to use for PVE.

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