18 Fashion Faux Pas Celebrities Have Made at Awards Shows

Woman Gaga’s 2010 VMAs meat dress was worn for a lot more much more than just shock value — it was also a political assertion.

A closeup of Gaga with a raw steak on her head like a steak and a red, membrane halter neck meat dress.

Lady Gaga attending the MTV Movie Tunes Awards in a raw meat gown on September 12, 2010.

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Girl Gaga showed up in a raw meat costume, headpiece, and boots to the 2010 VMAs. The singer received eight awards that evening, and she acknowledged them in her meat gown.

Lots of were stunned by the bloody-on the lookout outfit. The Individuals for the Moral Remedy of Animals (PETA) produced a assertion that claimed, in section, “Another person ought to whisper in her ear that there are a lot more persons who are upset by butchery than who are amazed by it — and that indicates a great deal of young folks will not be purchasing her records if she retains this things up.”

The upcoming working day in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Gaga stated the costume symbolized her assistance to repeal the “Really don’t Talk to, You should not Inform” plan, which authorized gay people to serve in the armed service as extended as they had been closeted.

“If we do not battle for our rights, very shortly we are likely to have as a lot rights as the meat on our bones,” she claimed, as per Billboard.

She added, “It can be definitely no disrespect to anyone which is vegan or vegetarian.”