5 Unique Ideas for Cladding with Fiber Boards

Fiber boards are made using compressing the wood fibers, which are bonded together with resins, laid like mats, and then pressed to form panels. These boards are widely used for decorating the walls owing to their structure. They lack grains and can be cut and grilled easily. They also lack knots and kinks thus, have a smooth texture. Their texture can also be altered accordingly. They retain paint on them for a long time and hence can be painted with different vibrant colors. They are cheaper than plywood and also have resistance to moisture.

Unique Ideas for Cladding with Fiber Boards

Fiber boards can be cladded directly onto surfaces like walls to adorn them. They can be painted in various colors, cut into different shapes and figures, and given matching textures after cladding onto the wall. Following are some ideas to try with fiber boards:

Stone finish

Fiber boards can be cut into shapes of realistic bricks and stones. The cut pieces can then be given color and texture similar to that of real bricks and stones. These pieces can then be installed on the wall in a staggered pattern to give a dramatic cladding effect on the wall. This technique gives a view of authentic stone and brick and makes the wall appear rough and rustic.

Floral design

If you are willing to give a vivacious, lively effect on your wall, then you should try this floral design on your wall. Simply cut out small flowers, leaves, twigs, etc., from the fiber cement boards and color them accordingly in bright colors to give a lively garden effect to your wall. Such walls look extremely positive in areas that are well-lit with light. To give a more natural look, one can use various shades of colors and appropriate textures.

Decoupaging with fabric

Instead of using paints on the cut-outs of fiber boards, one can also cover them with fabrics to make the decoration unique. This technique of decoration enables a variety of textures to be infused into the design. You simply have to choose the texture of the fabric and paste it on the fiberboard cut-outs. You can also add layers of different fabrics to make the design more unique. Velvets, organdy, chenille, satin, sateen, etc., can be applied on the fiber boards to make the desired design on the wall.

Optical illusion

Fiber boards can be arranged in such a way that if viewed from a certain angle, they create illusions of movements in the eyes of the viewer. You just have to cut the fiberboard accordingly and arrange it accurately to produce this drastic effect on the wall. You can also arrange the cut-outs of the fiber boards to create three-dimensional structures on the wall.

Wave patterns

Fiber boards can be cut into long, thin strips of diverse lengths to create a wavy effect on the wall. This pattern appears extremely pleasing to the eye and spreads serenity and tranquility. These waves, if set accurately, can also produce an optical illusion in the eyes of the viewer. These cut-outs can be installed in such a way that their shadow performs an artwork when light falls on it. This type of decoration would look extremely gorgeous in areas that are used often at night.

The above ideas can be utilized for various spaces of the house and working spaces. Fiberboards can be used to unleash your creativity and customize your living space as per your choice.


Fiber boards can prove to be a game changer for you if you want to do endless experiments on the décor. These cement boards are strong and durable, and hence the designs on them last longer. Century Ply fiber boards are the best choices for you if you want to infuse the best quality boards in your décor owing to their modern technique and affordability.

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