6 Best Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators in 2023

6 Best Instagram Engagement

The Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator is a  precious tool that evaluates your Instagram account. 

When you search for” free Instagram engagement rate calculator,” do you  concentrate on  delicacy or ease of use? Tracking your performance on Instagram is  pivotal, and one of the  crucial  criteria  to measure it’s your engagement rate. This metric reflects how  constantly your followers interact with your content and how interested they’re in what you post. still, determining your Instagram engagement rate and  opting  the right tool for the job can be  grueling .   

To simplify this process, we’ve a list of the top 6 Instagram engagement rate calculators. These tools are both  stoner-friendly and accurate. They enable you to efficiently cover your engagement rate and  give you precious data to optimize your influence on Instagram.


  1. Phalanx Best Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator  
  2. Hype Auditor Free Influencer Engagement Rate Calculator  
  3. inbeat’s- Online Instagram Engagement Checker Free  
  4. trend HERO Calculate Engagement Rate for Instagram  
  5. Collapsar- Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator and Checker  
  6. Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator by Mashhor  

perk Increase Instagram Engagement with An App  

#1. Phalanx: Best Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Phalanx offers a high- end service that includes a free Instagram engagement rate calculator. This tool automatically divides your number of followers by the total count of  commentary and likes on a post to get your account engagement rate. Although this  computation can be done manually,  exercising the Phalanx engagement calculator saves you  precious time and  trouble. Over 40,000  druggies  profit from this free engagement calculator. Phalanx proves to be an exceptional tool for those who prioritize likes and  commentary on Instagram. If you are looking for social media growth, then Buy Instagram Followers Nigeria best place for you.  


Effective social media monitoring, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Enhanced faceted hunt and filtering capabilities.   

Streamlined influencer discovery.   


In- depth data analysis from  colorful aspects.   

Intuitive interface design.   

A  precious communication tool for influencers and companies.   


No app  interpretation.   

Slow response from  client support.   

Available free engagement results are  handed every 3 days.   

#2. HypeAuditor: Free Influencer Engagement Rate Calculator

HypeAuditor is an exceptional free Instagram engagement rate calculator. While the  original information may be limited, a scroll down will reveal  perceptive details about the significance of an Instagram engagement rate and effective strategies for its  enhancement. also, FAQs related to Instagram engagement rates are also addressed.   

With HypeAuditor,  carrying a comprehensive report is  royal. Simply input your username and  stay for the report. This program deems an Instagram engagement rate of  roughly4.5 as excellent. To claw deeper into  criteria  like account growth, a detailed but paid report is recommended. It also provides a  precious  standard to gauge your performance against other  druggies.   


Efficiently oversee and manage your  juggernauts on Instagram engagement rate.   

A great tool for influencer discovery.   

Manage and nurture  connections with influencers.   


Significantly simplify the marketing processes with influencers.   

An  each-  by- one tool to run  juggernauts and manage the results.   


Inviting interface.   

High price for a yearly subscription.   

Encountered  downsides from time to time.   

#3. inBeat – Online Instagram Engagement Checker Free

Inbeat is a  important Instagram post analytics tool to calculate the Instagram engagement rate free. It empowers  guests with  perceptive Instagram post analytics,  using data from likes and  commentary. Stylish of all, it’s  fully free and incredibly easy to navigate. Feting the variability of engagement rates across posts, Inbeat emphasizes the  significance of tracking  relations across the twelve most recent posts.   

This free Instagram engagement rate calculator enables you to conduct in- depth engagement  exploration and  induce comprehensive reports. By simply  furnishing your dispatch address, you’ll admit a detailed report of your Instagram commerce data. specially, Inbeat ensures that the generated engagement reports are watermark-free, allowing  druggies to  use them professionally.   


Gather and  dissect data about your target  followership for better marketing strategies.   

Partner with influential  individualities to expand brand reach and increase  mindfulness.   

Import and import the  logical data.   


Ease of use and  stoner-friendly.   

High- quality service and support.   

Intuitive and well- designed interface.   


Communication isn’t timely.   

Some features are charged.   

#4. trendHERO: Calculate Engagement Rate for Instagram

TrendHero utilizes the total likes and  commentary from the 18 most recent posts to determine the Engagement Rate( ER) of anynon-private Instagram account. You can also  estimate the ER on your profile or compare it with your challengers’ biographies. penetrating essential account information is  fully free. also, the available subscriber growth graph helps you tell between natural and suspicious increases in subscribers.   


snappily  pierce the Engagement Rate( ER).   

dissect any public account with at least 500 followers.   

View important details about the account.   

recoup a comprehensive history of follower growth.   


Reliable and accurate reports.   

stoner-friendly interface.   

Advanced follower fraud discovery.   


Report generation is slow.   

Poor searching capabilities.   

#5. Collabstr – Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator and Checker

Collabstr is an  each-  by- one platform Instagram marketing tool. likewise, the Collabstr public business enables you to discover influencers on both Instagram and TikTok. Streamlined influencer marketing becomes a  breath as you  work advanced pollutants to find the perfect influencers and accessibly make payments through the Collabstr website.   


Access Instagram engagement rate for free.   

Hunt and hire Instagram influencers.


Ease to use.   

Fast and great support system.   

Secure and safe.   


Challenging for  newcomers to its complex features.   

expensive for businesses operating   

#6. Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator by Mashhor

Mashhor Instagram engagement rate calculator is a accessible web tool designed to calculate the real- time average engagement rate of any Instagram account. The assessment is grounded on the average likes of posts. gain a comprehensive report  painlessly by simply inputting the account username. Rest assured that your account’s security is the top precedence, as no  word is  needed for this process.   


Calculate ER  painlessly.   

Offer  perfecting  results.   


100 free during the whole process.   

Account security assured.   

Fast report.   


The target account must have at least 1,000 followers.   

Bonus: Increase Instagram Engagement with An App

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Genuine and active Instagram followers.   

Free of charge.   

Increase followers, likes, and engagement.   

Ensured safety and security.   

How to use it?  

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In the below post, we explored the process of calculating Instagram engagement rates and  stressed  colorful free Instagram engagement rate calculators available. By gaining a deeper understanding of the Instagram engagement rate formula, you can  constantly enhance your account  juggernauts.   

How to achieve that? Let me introduce you to sways Followers — an  each- inclusive Instagram followers app that can  help you in  adding  your follower count with real and active  druggies. Experience the most effective  system to achieve a high engagement rate by trying sways Followers  moment.

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