6 Best Things to Do in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The city is on a vast plateau that encircles the Curral Del Rey, a high ridge that provides a view of the city’s name, and a stunning horizon. The city also values Brazilian culture through music and has its own music conservatory. The metropolis began as a small community established by Joao Leite De Silva Ortiz, a native of San Paulo.

He explored Belo Horizonte for a gold rush expedition because the location was for its enormous gold reserves. His fortune grew, allowing him to establish a farm, which attracted people to move to and make a livelihood in Belo Horizonte during its early years.

The city grew with the different advancements that occurred in the state of Brazil over time. Belo Horizonte saw significant industrial expansion in 1906, allowing it to thrive.

Moving forward, it became the expanding commercial centre of South America that we know today.

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Museum of Arts and Crafts

The institution was an homage to Brazilian workers and is the country’s only one of its kind in the world. Angela Guiterrez, director of the Flavio Guitierrez Cultural Institute, donated the items in question. The institution is in two pavilions within Belo Horizonte’s central train station and Oeste de Minas Station, both of which are ancient stops. The creation of the gallery has revitalised Station Square, which is home to many of the city’s most renowned events.

Inhotim Institute

The Inhotim Academy, also known as the Arte Contemporanea Inhotim, is the world’s biggest open-air modern art museum. The museum itself will steal your breath away. It houses 23 galleries of modern art created by the world’s most prominent painters, as well as magnificent sculptures renowned for their expertise and complexity of design and craftsmanship.

Museum of Mines and Metal

If you are interested in mining and metallurgy, you should go to the National Museum of Miners as well as Steel in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Minas Gerais, the country were more in which the city of Belo Horizonte is located, has historically thrived in mining and metallurgy. This is why both of these practises are in this neoclassical palace-style museum. The museum has 18 rooms and 44 attractions that house diverse mineral exhibits.

Minas Museum of Natural Sciences

The Mines Museum of Natural Science is a fun place for your kids, If you visit this place with your kids they will definitely enjoy here. For you and your children, going to the Minas Exhibition of Natural Sciences will be an unforgettable experience. Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the museum’s exhibit is open for viewing. The institution has intriguing information about the past of Brazil’s flora and fauna. As you go about the museum, you will never feel alone because the staff is nice and accommodating to visitors.

Parque Serra do Curral

Parque Serra Do Curral is an attraction for tourists that represents the city’s environmental concern. It is a green location where you may breathe fresh air and observe the flora and animals of Belo Horizonte in motion. If you can endure the challenge of steep walking and climbing, you will be all your endeavours. Don’t disregard bringing your lunch, as food is not permitted to be sold here.

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International Theater Festival 

This event occurs on an annual basis, so if then chance to find yourself in the city of Belo Horizonte for the festivities, you’re in luck. Foreign artists include nations such as South Korea, Belgium, Columbia, Nepal, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Italy, France, and Switzerland. Expect planned production and flawless routine execution at each International Festival.

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