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6 Best Witchdoctor Modules In Exoprimal

The Witchdoctor Exosuit is great for helping, and with the right modules in Exoprimal, players can take it to the next level.

The Witchdoctor is the first support Exosuit that most players will use in Exoprimal. It can quickly become a powerful tool for helping a team. This suit might not be able to do as much damage as other support Exosuits, but it makes up for that by having some of the best usefulness in all of Exoprimal.

The Witchdoctor’s main tool is great for controlling crowds and knocking out bigger dinosaurs for a few seconds. The suit’s abilities, on the other hand, are geared toward keeping teammates alive and fighting, which keeps a team’s DPS strong. Modules are a great way to change these skills and make them fit a certain player’s style of play. Here are the best modules for the Witchdoctor Exosuit.

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