Astrological Significance & Benefits of the Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye gemstone is a beautiful stone and a very popular one as well. As the name suggests, this stone looks exactly like an eye of a tiger. The golden brown hue of the stone with the slit like an eye on the surface of the stone is exact similar to tiger’s eye. The resemblance between the two is uncanny. Also, the sparkle or lustre of the  gemstone is appealing and highly attractive. Because of its beauty, the tiger’s eye stone is in demand all the time.

People all over the world use this stone and wear it as jewelry. Although, among many cutlutres, people wear it as an amulet or talisman. The belief has it that the tiger eye stone have the properties to physically heal a person as well as protect the wearer from harm.

There is a lot of significance of the tiger’s eye gemstone, specially in the Vedic astrology.

Here in this article we will discuss about the astrological significance of the tiger’s eye gemstone and the advantages it is believed to provide to the person who wears it.

Astrological Significance of the Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

As per astrologers, a natural tiger’s eye gemstone is in association with two planets – Mars and Sun. Both of these planets have an effect on the person’s life by wearing the tiger’s eye gemstone.

People who have the adverse effects of any of these two planets in their birth chart should wear the tiger eye stone. The energy of the stone will remove these harmful effects. And positivity will come into your life.

Benefits of Wearing a Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye Stone is a magnificent gemstone with a lot of metaphysical and physical properties. This golden stone is a powerful stone containing the powers to change a person’s life. It affects all three aspects of our being – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Know here the many benefits of Tiger Eye Stone:

  • Ancient people believe that the tiger’s eye gemstone contains the power of the Sun. And do this stone gives the wearer fierceness, the courage ot stand alone, providing light to others and warmth.

  • It increases the confidence of the wearer to stand for themselves and take the steps they need to reach their aim.

  • It enhances the communication skills and public-speaking skills as well.

  • The energy of the stone decreases the stress, anxiety like feelings in the wearer. And brings calmness to the person.

  • The tiger’s eye gemstone benefits also includes increasing the focus and concentration powers in the wearer.

  • The stone also helps in deeping your close relationships and promotes harmony in your life.

  • The tiger eye gemstone will enhance your creative powers and imagination powers. Hence, anyone in the artistic field are often recommended to wear this gemstone.

  • There are healing properties of an original tiger’s eye stone. These health benefits of the tiger’s eye stone includes curing eye, and throat relate problems, strengthening reproductive system and helping in keeping the digestive system intact.

Before wearing a gemstone which have so many energies and have the powers to alter your life, you should consult with an astrologer or a Pundit. An astrologer will tell you if the stone is suitable as per the position of the planets in your birth chart. Also how you should be wearing the gemstone and what pooja to follow.

In Conclusion

The Tiger’s eye gemstone have been in use for centuries. People wear this stone iamong different cultures and religions so often as a protective charm because of its protecting properties. The tiger eye stone has immense power of keeping the wearer safe and protected form negative energies. The stone’s ability to promote courage, and confidence also makes it a demandable stone.

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