Balinese Culture And Yoga – Tracing The Connection

For the Balinese, yoga is not just a form of exercise, which many of you may look at. It is an inherent part of Balinese life. In Bali, the concept and practices of yoga are all interwoven seamlessly into the very existence of the people there. Let us unwrap how this fascinating lifestyle modality impacts the daily life, rituals and health of the people there. In this context, it is important to mention that the Yoga School in Bali has risen up the ranks in the beautiful place, due to this connection. 

While exploring the beautiful island of Bali and the yogic connection, you will get a deeper understanding of the importance of yoga for one and all. It is not just the physical aspects of yoga that assume importance here, but the spiritual aspects and cultural aspects as well. 

Yoga – A Part Of Balinese Culture 

When you step into the beautiful island of Bali, you can blend into the tranquillity of the place in no time. It is not just limited to the clean beaches, or the lush green forests. But the way the people in Bali live. In Bali, yoga is recognized as a spiritual way of living. It begins very early in the morning, with the Surya Namaskar, which imparts a sense of balance into everything that people do there. Yoga assumes a lot of importance there, as a tool for personal growth and community connectivity. That is probably the reason why Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is so popular today. 

Bali Yoga Retreats is one of the top yoga schools in the region, where you can get the knowledge of a wide variety of yoga styles. When you head to the school, you will find out that yoga at the school moves beyond the classroom in Bali. It is a sort of holistic wellness that presides in each and every aspect of your time there. At the school, yoga transcends the boundaries of age and background. The classes include yoga sessions in group settings, rhythmic yoga, and research on the postures. There is heightened awareness of the same. 

Daily Routine Revolving Around Yogic Pursuits 

The Yoga School in Bali is one of the most prominent yoga teaching centres across the globe. You will find people from all walks of life and nationalities congregating there. The classes start early in the morning and go on till the evening. Moreover, you will slowly emulate the lifestyle of the Balinese staying nearby. 

They often start in the wee hours of the morning, with yoga stretches similar to the ones you learn at the school. You will also most often find them offering prayers and practicing yoga simultaneously in their home temples. As the day proceeds, the yogic lifestyle continues. You will find them doing yoga in the afternoon as well. The afternoon time is when the sun is at its peak, and so are the energy levels. 

On a much broader sphere, you will find workplaces in Bali, incorporating the same yogic culture in their offices. Employees will often be seen practicing yoga amidst their work schedules. It is looked up to as a stress-busting activity. In Bali, yoga is more than just a physical practice. It is their life’s philosophy. Your yoga lessons at the school will have touches of this lifestyle. The classes start early in the morning, with the call of the birds. And, you will be practicing yoga, of course, with breaks in between, till the evening

The Impact Of Yoga On Health 

If you have enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali as a beginner, then also there will be lots of changes that you will go through. A few days of practice paves the way. 

  • Firstly, it is about the unadulterated air in Bali. It is very conducive to mindful practices. Yoga will not only align your body and the mind, but also the spiritual quotient. 
  • Daily yoga practice in Bali, will see your health improving in many ways. Firstly, you will notice your respiratory power improving. Then the muscle vigour and strength will also increase. Your metabolic rate will also go up. 
  • The art and science of breathing will help in boosting the immune system as well. That is why, you will notice all the senior citizens in Bali teeming with good health. 
  • The personal growth quotient is also quite high in Bali. So, you can also imagine the impact that yoga is going to have on you, once you learn authentic yoga and practice it back home. 
  • The calming poses along with breathing, helps in maintaining mental clarity, as well. 

Final Words 

Bali Yoga Retreats is one of the few schools which incorporates the total Balinese way of life, into the course. The course is conducted by the best teachers who are well-travelled and know the modality quite well. So, if you want to incorporate a lifestyle through yoga practice, in the most natural manner, then Bali is the place to be in. You can enrol for the comprehensive course offered, along with other short-term courses to gain a different view of life.

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