Bihar Paramedical Exam syllabus and pattern 2023

For students seeking to enrol in a variety of paramedical programs in the state, the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Test Board (BCECEB) administers the Bihar Paramedical Test. It is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the material and exam format if you intend to take this exam. For your benefit, this article offers a thorough understanding of the Bihar Paramedical Exam Syllabus 2023 and Pattern. See the Bihar Paramedical Exam result 2023 on the official website when the authority updates it.

Pattern of The Bihar Paramedical Exam

Let’s first examine the syllabus before exploring the exam format:

Examination Method 

The offline (pen and paper) Bihar Paramedical Examination is administered.

Question Types 

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) make up the question paper.

Total Questions Asked

Each year, the overall number of questions may change, but it usually ranges from 100 to 150.

Marking Protocol

There are no deductions for incorrect answers, and each correct response receives one mark.

Time allotted for the Test

The Bihar Paramedical test normally lasts two hours.

Syllabus for Bihar Paramedical

The Bihar Paramedical Course syllabus includes a number of topics in the medical and health sciences. The following are the main subjects covered by the syllabus


  • Gravitational Laws of Motion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Continuities and Waves
  • Electrostatics
  • Electricity in current
  • Effects of Magnetism and Current on Magnetic Fields
  • Asymmetrical Currents and Magnetic Induction
  • Optics
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Nuclei and Atoms
  • Technology Devices
  • Systems for Communications


  • Some Fundamental Chemistry Ideas
  • Atomic Structure
  • Periodicity in Properties and the Classification of Elements
  • Bonding between chemicals and molecular structure
  • Gases and liquids are states of matter.
  • Thermodynamics
  • Equilibrium
  • Redox Processes
  • Hydrogen
  • Alkali and alkaline earth metals are s-block elements. p-block elements
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Ecological Chemistry


  • Structure of the Living World: Diversity in Animals and Plants
  • Cell: Cell Structure and Function; Cell: The Unit of Life
  • Animal Physiology
  • Personal Physiology
  • reproducing sexually
  • Evolution and Genetics
  • Life Sciences and Human Welfare
  • Biological Technology and Its Uses
  • Environment and Ecology

Sets and Functions in Mathematics

  • Algebra
  • Calculating Coordinate Geometry
  • Mental Calculation
  • Probability and Statistics

General Knowledge International and National Current Affairs

  • Indian Culture and History
  • Indic politics
  • Economy of India
  • India’s geography and demographics
  • Basic Science
  • Games and Sports
  • Authors and Books
  • Honors and Awards
  • Significant Dates and Occasions


A complete comprehension of the syllabus and exam format is necessary for preparing for the Bihar Paramedical Exam. Create a study schedule that thoroughly covers all the material, then evaluate your knowledge by using sample tests and question papers from prior exams. Keep your attention on the task at hand, use your time effectively, and keep up with current events. You can pass the Bihar Paramedical Exam and open the door to a prosperous future in the paramedical sciences by applying persistent work and attention.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques: The Bihar Paramedical Examination is typically held when?

Ans: In June or July, the Bihar Paramedical Examination is typically held. For the most recent information, it is advised to visit the official BCECEB website.

Ques: After completing my 10+2 in any stream, am I eligible to sit for the Bihar Paramedical Exam?

Ans: Yes, provided they complete the necessary qualifying requirements, applicants from any stream (Science, Commerce, or Arts) are eligible to participate in the Bihar Paramedical Exam.

Ques: Does the Bihar Paramedical Examination have an application fee?

Ans: The exam does indeed have an application fee. Depending on the candidate’s categorization, the fee may change. The official BCECEB website has information about the application fee.

Ques: During the Bihar Paramedical Test, may I use a calculator?

Ans: Calculators and other technological devices are not permitted to be used during the exam.

Ques: What score must you receive to pass the Bihar Paramedical Exam?

Ans: The BCECEB chooses the minimum passing score for the Bihar Paramedical Exam, and it may change every year. Candidates must obtain the required minimum cutoff scores in order to be admitted to paramedical programs. 

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