Bubble Letter H Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw A Bubble Letter H

The letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and is also a fairly common letter. While the lowercase and uppercase versions of the letter are quite different, it’s not that difficult to learn to write either. You probably know how to write both shapes, but you can make this letter even funnier by turning it into a bubble H! Learn this tutorial and after learning this blog visit the latest drawing for kids tutorials.

This can be a lot more complicated than just learning how to write a letter, but that’s why this guide is here to help you. Once you’re done, we’ll also show you some fun ways to personalize your letter. Following this guide you will have everything you need to create a happy H artwork!
How to Draw A Bubble Letter H

Step 1

In the text, the letter H is quite simple, as it consists of three connected lines. If you let your imagination run wild, it looks a bit like someone doing a handstand. Because it’s so easy to write, we encourage you to do this to prepare yourself. To do this, you should find a pencil that is as light as possible.

Write the letter H in large format, then you can use it as the skeleton of your drawing. Now start the bubble version with a curved line. This curved line forms the upper left “arm” of the letter. The reference image shows you what it looks like and how it’s bent down. Once it matches our example, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2

Next we will finish the entire left side of the letter H that we are drawing. This is done by extending the curved line you started in step 1. The top part of the line is curved and extended down, while the bottom part goes up. This creates a shape that looks a bit like a sausage.

As you can see in the reference image, there is a small gap on the right side of the shape. This is where the small letter bridge comes in the next step. Right now the left side of the H is done. If you’ve drawn the letter H in pencil, you can definitely see where it’s going. Try making the shape curved like in the reference image. We’re trying to avoid perfectly straight lines to make it look like a bubble. Once you have completed this half of the letter, you are ready for step 3.

Step 3

In this third step of drawing your bubble letter H, you’ll add the small bridge between the two halves of the letter.
If you look at a normal letter H, the bridge is perfectly straight. As mentioned in the previous step, we want to avoid any straight lines. For this reason, we’ll draw the bridge with two rounded lines instead. These two lines fill the gap in the shape we drew in the first two steps.

You’ll also notice that these lines protrude slightly into the shape we’ve created. This might look a little strange now, but you’ll see later how he makes this shape look like a bubble.

Step 4

In the first two steps of this guide. You worked on creating the left side of the letter H. In this step, we’re going to do the same thing you did in these steps, but all at once. Essentially, the only thing you can do in reverse order is to repeat what you did in these steps. When you’re sure to draw the right side of the H, you can add it as it looks in our example.

If you still need some help, follow the first two steps again. You can even flip pictures to show how to do the steps in reverse order. However you end up doing it, you now have a complete pattern for that letter H! If you drew a regular H in pencil, you won’t need it after this step. Carefully erase any pencil lines you drew, making sure to draw any final lines for the outline using your medium of choice. Now that the structure of the H is complete, we can focus on making it look like a balloon in step five.

Step 5

Now you can create the illusion that this H is made out of a bubble or balloon! The way we do this will be simple but effective. First we draw two horizontal oval shapes. These are placed on top of each arm of the letter H. They don’t have to be perfect ovals, so don’t worry too much about keeping your hand steady. The idea is that it appears as if light is reflecting off the surface of the letter.

When that’s done, let’s add some lines to make it look like the H is made out of a bubble or latex balloon.
We’re going to do this by drawing some lines along the inside lines of the outline. This creates the impression that air is escaping from the inside of the material that makes up the H. You could add a few more of these lines if you want to add some volume to the H.

Step 6

It’s time to get out your favorite painting tools because we’re going to breathe life into this drawing with some paint! In our example, we chose a yellow color scheme for this H. If you like how this yellow scheme looks, you can try to reproduce it with your painting tools. We brightened some areas to further increase the light reflection effect.

This is a good technique to give the impression that this H is made out of a balloon. There are so many other colors you could choose instead! It would be a perfect opportunity to show off your favorite color by using it on this H. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one color, though!

Your Bubble Letter H Drawing is Finished!

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