CRM Strategies For B2B: 5 Underrated Strategies to Try (With Ideas)

A CRM, like every other tool, can either bring remarkable or embarrassing results depends on its level of usage. Here’s the thing, a good CRM cannot make up for poor implementation and strategy. It just can’t.

Beyond getting a great CRM, there should be a strategy in place that’ll streamline the users’ activities. It’s like a compass that directs the captain on the route and how best to navigate the turbulent wind.

What a CRM Strategy Means

A CRM Strategy determines how a company plans to generate leads, acquire, retain, and establish quality customer relationships. Getting CRM software is the first step; having a plan is the second and primary step for business growth.

CRM strategies focus on the “how.” It highlights the underlining plan on how you intend to increase sales and grow your business using CRM software. Often, most CRM failures are mainly due to a lack of strategy, not software issues.

Complementing CRM software with a great CRM strategy for B2B is what breeds success. We’ll be looking at 5 Underrated CRM strategies below. By the way, if you’re yet to get a CRM software that aligns with your business goals, here are a few suggestions to try.

HubSpot: This is an all-in-one marketing software that’ll help your team drive leads and revenue, save time, and improve customer experience.

Zoho: empowers your team to automate sales and marketing processes, engage customers, and convert more leads.

FreshSales: This is an intelligent and complete solution to boost engagement and discover leads.

Pipedrive: Streamline your sales pipeline, access real-time analytics, and 10x your sales with Pipeline.

Less Annoying CRM: Less Annoying CRM helps small business owners manage contacts and automate lead generation follow-ups.

5 Underrated CRM Strategies for B2B

Reward and loyalty programs

Automate customer support

Message tracking

Strategic lead form placement

After-sales customer engagement

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