Download Only the Audio From Vimeo to MP3 Music

Vimeo is a highly-respected video hosting service, known for providing users with high-quality videos. However, occasionally users may simply want to download audio from Vimeo to MP3 music files.

There are various third-party solutions that offer this service, and this article will look at some of them as well as ways Vimeo videos can be converted to audio formats.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming audio provides an ideal way of listening to music or other sounds without downloading large files. There are numerous streaming audio recorder programs for Windows and Mac available that enable users to record high-quality, lossless audio files compatible with multiple digital media players. They can also be used to edit existing audio files by making changes and modifications directly within these software products; many products include an in-built editor to allow for quicker changes when making edits to existing audio files and create a polished final product.

Vimeo is an online video-sharing website dedicated to user-created videos, as well as offering commercial movies and TV series. Many people want to download Vimeo videos for use in digital media players or for other reasons, however due to the large file sizes this can be challenging – however there are third-party tools which offer quick mp3 conversion of Vimeo videos into MP3 format files in a matter of minutes!

Streaming Audio Recorder is a simple audio program designed to capture any sound playing on your computer, such as those from web browsers and applications such as iTunes or Grooveshark. You can record anything that plays, even video programs such as YouTube. Plus, its ID3 tag feature recognizes important details in music files such as title, artist, track number, genre etc.

Install the program onto your desktop computer or use its free trial version, then start recording by clicking the record button. Your sound will then be stored to your computer for future playback or scheduled recording intervals can also be set using cue-sheets – great for capturing live audio!


Vimeo may not offer an official way of converting videos to audio, but there are plenty of reliable third-party solutions that make the process a simple one. These options can either be found online or as software you install on your computer and offer multiple file formats to choose from – often just provide the link for the video that needs converting and it will turn it automatically into an mp3 file that can be easily downloaded by you.

Popular online converters include Mp3 Juice, Y2Mate, and ClipGrab, all of which are easy to use after copying a link to a video. Unfortunately, these services have some drawbacks, including limited file formats and poor audio quality; additionally, they often display advertisements or prompt you to install software; for an alternative approach consider Airy as desktop software solution.

Desktop applications tend to be more expensive than online tools, yet offer superior sound quality and file formats. Furthermore, they support batch conversion without placing length limits on downloaded files and can integrate directly with web browsers to make downloading music from Vimeo even simpler.

Permute is a free download program with various file formats that you can convert videos from Vimeo into MP3 files, FLV or WMV videos and more. It supports Windows and Mac computers for use and works great to transform Vimeo videos to mp3. The program also supports other video file types like MOV.

Other programs available to convert Vimeo videos to an mp3 file include YouTube Video Downloader and Online File Converter. These tools make saving, watching and converting Vimeo videos offline simple while also creating playlists using Vimeo videos – they don’t even require registration or installation! Simply download them from either App Store or Google Play for use!


Zamzar makes file conversion simple – free, user-friendly, and supporting over 1,000 different conversion types! While other converters may offer more features or better interfaces, Zamzar’s user-friendly experience and wide support make it an excellent option for most users.

This site’s straightforward interface enables users to upload files directly from their computers or enter links directly onto the internet, select their format preference, and click a Convert button – once converted they can download their new file directly or by email or use an installed desktop program for quick conversion on-the-go.

Once you visit the Zamzar website, you’ll be presented with a list of commonly supported file formats. To narrow your selection further, choose either Document, Image or Video categories; otherwise if a specific file type isn’t listed there’s also the option of getting in touch and finding out whether they support conversion or not.

Apart from supporting many standard file formats, the website also offers specialized conversions. With this tool you can create PDF documents, audio recordings and even reduce video file sizes down. Though the service is free to use, if you wish to save any of your conversions you must register as it allows saving conversion history.

Zamzar’s site restrictions also limit file size and conversion numbers per day; for instance, its free plan only permits two conversions daily and has a 50MB file limit that may prove challenging when regularly converting large video or audio files. However, paid plans offer greater freedom by lifting these restrictions while offering other perks such as online storage space and higher conversion priority priority; though these might not be crucial features to most users, they could help businesses and professionals convert files more frequently, while saving users both time and effort when it comes time to convert files.

Video Grabber

Vimeo is an increasingly popular video platform, giving users access to an expansive library. Unfortunately, Vimeo does not always provide straightforward download options, which can be frustrating for viewers who wish to watch specific videos offline or for educational purposes. Luckily, third-party tools exist which make downloading Vimeo videos much simpler, often online and compatible across browsers; and can even convert videos to different formats!

Some tools are free, while others require subscription. A paid solution has the advantage of not including any adware or spyware which could wreak havoc with your computer; free options may not offer enough reliability or features you require.

Utilizing a Vimeo to MP3 converter is an excellent way to save your favorite Vimeo videos onto your computer and enjoy them at any time, anywhere. These apps can be downloaded onto Windows, Mac or Android devices and some are easy to use – simply convert the Vimeo video with one click into an easily downloadable MP3 file! Furthermore, most support major sites like YouTube, Facebook Dailymotion Metacafe for seamless experience!

Auslogics Video Grabber is one of the premier Vimeo downloaders available, supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone platforms. With an intuitive user interface that makes grabbing videos effortless: simply paste their URL in and select an output format; this method provides faster download times compared to others that require conversion into MP3.

GenYT, available for both Windows and Mac computers, features an easy web interface with no additional programs to install, making it one of the best tools available to quickly download videos and music from Vimeo, YouTube, VEVO, Twitter, Facebook Dailymotion Tumblr Instagram Soundcloud Twitch Veoh XNXX XVideos Coub and over 1000 websites.

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