How Much Does Garage Door Cost?

If you are considering replacing the garage door on your home, you will first want to know how much it costs. Garage doors come in many styles and materials. A wood door will cost more than an aluminum one. You can purchase a wood garage door customized to fit your home style.

Cost more than aluminum garage doors

You must choose which material is best for your property if you intend to place a new garage door in it. Aluminum has a protective covering that helps it resist corrosion and is lightweight. However, steel is the traditional choice for most residential garage doors. It’s inexpensive, easy to maintain, and rustproof.

The garage door prices in San Diego typically cost around $700 to $2,300. The higher-end steel garage doors come with decorative elements and windows, which increase their price. Compared to wood or metal, these doors require little upkeep and are reasonably priced. Aside from their durability, steel doors are easy to maintain and require less painting.

While steel garage doors are generally cheaper, aluminum doors tend to cost more. A full-view model can run anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000, while a standard aluminum single-stall door can cost $700 to $1,500. One of the advantages of aluminum is its lightweight construction, which makes it an excellent choice for most homes. It’s also highly customizable, offering glass and powder coatings options.

Wood garage doors cost more than vinyl garage doors

Wooden garage doors can be excellent and elegant but also expensive. Factory-built doors cost about $500, semi-custom doors cost about $1,500, and custom-made doors cost about $3,000 or more. You can also opt for a fiberglass garage door, but the cost can be much higher.

You may need to choose which of the two materials is preferable for your needs because the two materials have various benefits and drawbacks. Both types of doors require regular maintenance and repair. Wooden doors usually need repainting, resealing, and panel repairs. They can be treated as moisture-resistant, but they are more susceptible to warping and rotting.

Vinyl doors are another popular choice for garage doors. These doors are also more expensive, offer the same look as wood, and are generally low-maintenance and lightweight. Vinyl doors also have a foam core to add insulation. But, they are not as good as wood or steel, and they may warp and crack if temperatures drop too far or become too hot.

Fiberglass garage doors cost less than vinyl garage doors

Vinyl garage doors are a popular choice for budget-conscious homeowners. They are lightweight, durable, and UV-resistant.

Additionally, unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t show scratches. Additionally, the vinyl substance is more vital. There are several colors and design options available. Installers with licenses offer free estimates.

Faux wood offers a variety of finishes and is an excellent alternative to natural wood. Faux wood also offers multiple panelings, windows, and hardware options. These doors mimic the wood look while being less expensive than natural hardwood. Many faux wood doors also feature steel layers and a wood grain finish.

A fiberglass garage door might be a terrific method to improve the exterior appeal of your house. A fiberglass garage door can help your home get higher bids if your house is on sale. It also allows natural light to enter your garage, reducing shadows created by artificial lights and making operating power tools safer.

Wood garage doors can be customized to any style

Your home’s design may be matched with a wood garage door. Wood doors can be sturdier than their metal counterparts and withstand extreme weather conditions. Some manufacturers even produce hurricane-rated doors to protect your home from the threat of natural disasters.

Custom wood doors are available in a vast range of designs and materials. The possibilities are endless, from using different types of wood and adding different accents and hardware to adding windows and other design elements. These doors can be standard sizes or feature overhead doors. You can also choose from various wood species for your garage’s exterior.

Wood garage doors are an excellent option for homes with an eclectic style. Raised panel doors, for example, offer a cottage or rustic feel. They can be custom-made to blend seamlessly into the rest of the home. Wood garage doors are available in various price ranges, and many manufacturers have wooden frames that are lightweight and insulated. The wood is then covered with a hardboard skin or plywood.

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