How Negligence In Road Design Can Influence Your Car Accident Case?

Car accidents can be caused by plenty of reasons. Mostly, accidents are caused by inattentive drivers who are either distracted by someone or something or are under the influence of drugs. However, if you were attentive while driving but your car crashed because of the improper road design, then the accident might not be your fault. 

Road designing and ensuring the display of road signs is the responsibility of the local authorities, mainly the local government. If you had an accident because of negligence in road design in Roseville CA that caused you serious injury, then you should immediately hire a car accident injury lawyer roseville ca. Here is what you need to do in this case. 

  • Ensure Your Safety

When you hit your car because of improper road design, or lack of proper road signs then you should immediately ensure personal safety. Make sure that you and other passengers in your car, if any, are safe and you do not have any serious or life-threatening injuries. 

You should turn on parking lights and call 911 for medical assistance if there are any visible injuries. 

  • Immediately Report The Accident 

You should call the police immediately and report the accident. When you hit your car on a road that was poorly graded or there was obstructive landscaping, then the government handling the roads will be held responsible. 

Make sure that you share all the facts of the case with the police. However, you should be very careful about sharing the information with the police without the presence of your lawyer. Only provide the necessary information. 

  • Document The Facts

You should make sure that you document all the facts of the case. For instance, you should take photographs of the accident site to show clear obstruction of the landscaping in the road. You should also take photographs if there are no visible road signs indicating possible obstruction or road damage. 

Make sure that you talk to the eyewitnesses present around. You should document everything properly to ensure it helps you in the case. 

  • Seek Legal Help

You should not proceed with the case by yourself nor should you let it go. If you do not take legal action against the authorities responsible for road design and maintenance, then someone else may end up in a lethal accident. 

You should immediately hire a local lawyer to help you fight the case. For instance, if your accident occurred in Cookeville TN, then you should hire a car accident lawyer cookeville tn because a local lawyer understands local laws. Legal expertise from a reliable lawyer can help you win compensation for your suffering.

  • Call Your Insurance Company

You should also call your insurance company after the accident. When you have been in a car accident that was not your fault, then you should not have to pay expensive medical bills and auto repair bills. 

You should file your insurance claim after the accident. Make sure that you provide all the supporting evidence so that your claim is not rejected

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