How should sensitivity to the penis be treated?

The loss of feeling in the penis head might hurt sexual enjoyment. Furthermore, the penis might become hypersensitive due to certain disorders, making it difficult to perform regular activities and enjoy intercourse.

This entry will discuss methods for coping with penile sensitivity. factors that contribute to penile sensitivity the greatest.

Intense Penile Sensitivity

If a person’s penis hurts when handled or aroused, it is likely hypersensitive. Premature ejaculation and impotence are two possible negative outcomes of this condition. Sexual activity and other everyday activities may become unpleasant as a result. Hypersensitivity may have a variety of causes, including physical irritation, nerve damage, and mental issues like stress and worry.

Paralyzed penis

Numbness in the genitalia prevents a loss of feeling. You may lose some of the thrill of having sex and struggle to keep an erection going. Numbness or insensitivity in the penis may result from nerve damage, illness, or even the use of some antidepressants.

An insensitive or unresponsive penis may have a major effect on one’s quality of life since it interferes with both sexual and everyday activities. Vidalista is a great choice for men who have trouble getting and maintaining strong erections. Vidalista 20mg might be helpful if you’re dealing with this problem.

How and why does one get penis sensitivity?

Remember that there are many potential causes of abnormal penile sensitivity and that it is often the consequence of a combination of variables. Common causes of penile sensitivity include:


Certain sexual behaviors or masturbation approaches, such as harsh or excessive handling, might cause the penis to become overly sensitive or numb. This might happen if you use an unsuitable sex item or if you abuse your penis while masturbating. Extra Super Vidalista has been shown to improve libido. Fildena 100 is one of the available strengths.

Lifestyle decisions including drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and not getting enough sleep may dull penile sensation. In addition to lowering blood flow to the penis, alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs may dull the penis’ sensitivity.


Genital hypersensitivity may be caused by several conditions, including diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Both diabetes and multiple sclerosis have been linked to complications in the penis, including damage to blood vessels and disruption of nerve impulses.

Numbness in the limbs, extremities, or genitalia is a cause for urgent medical attention since it might be a sign of more severe disease.

Good Mental Health

Stress, worry, and sadness, especially among depressed men, may unquestionably interfere with a man’s sexual functioning. The best way to stop these problems from becoming worse is to address them as soon as they appear.

Penis sensitivity may also develop after medical procedures or trauma. Penile nerve or tissue damage from injury or surgery may lead to insensitivity. Penishypersensitivity may also be caused by issues with the nervous system.

It is crucial to understand the intricacy of the illness to treat genital hypersensitivity. You should see a doctor about creating a treatment plan for your penissensitivity. generic cialis 20mg may be used to quickly alleviate ED symptoms.

Penis Sensitivity: Can Sildenafil Help?

The condition is treated with sildenafil-based medications for erectile dysfunction. By boosting blood flow to the penile area, it improves erections. Sildenafil’s intended use is to lengthen the time that a man may engage in sexual activity; however, some men discover that it also lessens their penile sensitivity. Of discovering the best approach to lowering penile sensitivity, a medical professional should be consulted. Something that helps one person may not help another.

Dealing with Relationship Penis Intolerance

Sensitivity in the penile region may have far-reaching effects on men’s sexual lives and relationships. We need to talk freely about this and work together to find a solution.

Open dialogue and mutual understanding are keys to finding a solution to this problem. Alternative methods or therapies that may lessen sensitivity and improve sexual pleasure should be discussed between partners. Partners should avoid scolding or reprimanding men because of the negative impact it may have on the men’s penis’ feeling of self-worth and confidence.

Our health and happiness may be enhanced by adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and practicing stress-reduction strategies like mindfulness. It might be helpful to consult an expert, such as a therapist with training in sexual or relationship issues. A therapist may help couples with their feelings and provide them with tips on how to improve their sexual experiences together.

It takes honesty, mutual understanding, and teamwork to solve penile sensitivity problems in a relationship. Keep in mind that this is a multifaceted issue with several causes, and try to work together to find a solution that works for both of you. You may rest easy knowing that using Kamagra won’t lead to any erection issues.


A person’s sexual experience may be affected by penissensitivity, which may develop for several causes. Partners should assist and promote open conversation to help people with sensitive difficulties make good decisions. Talk to your doctor about the best course of action depending on whether you’re feeling numbness or hypersensitivity.

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