How to do giveaway Instagram followers marketing to sales

More and more brands rely on giveaways to increase sales and followers. Let’s see in detail what it is and why it is the marketing strategy of the moment. For some time now you’ve been seeing many marketers push a new marketing strategy Buy Instagram Followers Greece that seems very profitable the giveaway!

But what is it about? How do you organize a Giveaway? It is now necessary to give a complete answer to these questions. Influencers and brands are increasingly using this solution and the results in terms of sales are proving them right.

Organizing a giveaway is not easy. There are legal rules to respect as well as the need to resort, as always, to a good dose of creativity. So here’s an article to understand what a giveaway is and how you can use it in your marketing strategy.

What is a Giveaway

Giveaway means “give away”, but the exact translation is perhaps not the best way to make you understand the meaning of this strategy.

In the world of giveaway marketing, it takes up the concept of “sweepstakes” more faithfully.

That’s right, a prize contest, identical to the idea you surely have of this concept. A sweepstakes where a drawing occurs for a random entrant to win the prize.

This is nothing less than a “giveaway” and can be considered a very effective promotional tool to increase your leads with effective strategies, as well as your sales.

How long have they been used?

The giveaway marketing technique is a relatively young advertising process. It all seems to have started a few years ago in the United States, where bloggers and YouTubers have begun to offer branded gadgets to try to increase interactions and followers, especially with strategies dedicated to Millennials and younger users.

From YouTube, we then moved on in a short time to the creation of giveaways for Facebook and Buy Instagram Followers, a marketing technique that has flooded social networks in a short time.

Giveaway: why it’s important for a brand

At the heart of everything is always visibility. Any marketing strategy aims to increase the brand’s online reputation and consequently obtain many more leads. Even giveaway marketing was born with this goal: to reward one to involve many.

But in which aspects could the giveaway prove to be fundamental for your business? Here are some ideas:

  • organizing a prize contest is a great opportunity to increase followers on your social pages by buy Facebook Likes Greece Whether one of your users participates or is only interested in the giveaway, it is still a strategy to make your brand and your services known.
  • Do you spend it on the prize? You still spent little: oh yes, it seems incredible but giveaway marketing is one of the branding strategies with the best price/effect ratio. Thanks to a prize competition, the only expense to be incurred is the final prize, which obviously can vary in price according to your economic capabilities. Taking into account that there are very expensive funnel-based marketing campaigns, this is certainly a low-cost system for obtaining leads.
  • Bring new leads :
  •  as already mentioned in the previous point, there are very expensive funnel marketing campaigns that allow you to get new leads. The giveaway solution, on the other hand, assumes a low cost. It achieves the same goals because it allows your company to collect an increasing number of email addresses in the database, which can then be reused in retargeting and remarketing campaigns.
  • I don’t win it? I buy it: let’s assume we are a streetwear brand. To sponsor the new hat designed in collaboration with a famous influencer, we decided to create a giveaway on Buy Instagram Followers, open to our followers. Those who choose to participate do so because they are probably interested in our product. But the prize up for grabs is only one and therefore the chance of winning is very small. However, at the end of the contest, it is easy for those who took part and didn’t win to end up deciding to buy the product because they were influenced by the desire to win the hat.
  • Increase interaction: the skill of those who organize giveaway marketing is also to ensure that users are involved with an up-to-date social narration. Creating a giveaway hoping that it will generate followers and contacts alone is not possible. To create an impactful contest you will have to push hard by producing quality content. This choice will be rewarded with more visits to your profile, your site, and many many interactions.

Giveaway in Italy: which rules to respect?

Like any prize contest, a giveaway created and advertised on Instagram and Facebook must also comply with certain rules. Do you know them? Here’s a report.

First of all, let’s start by answering a very popular question: is the giveaway legal? The answer is yes. But there are still some practices to follow; each state has its regulations in this regard. In Italy, giveaway marketing is equivalent to a prize competition, which is why it is governed by the legislation on prize competitions.

What does this legislation say? Here are some of the fundamental points that you must respect contained within the bureaucratic procedure envisaged in Italy.

  • It is possible to offer one’s followers giveaways deemed excessive to the minimum value, such as gadgets for example, but it is not possible to request any purchase constraint ;
  • A prize competition (in our case a giveaway) can only be requested by those who are duly registered in the Company Register and by non-private individuals with a VAT number;
  • A security amount of the same value as the competition prize must be paid to the Ministry of Economic Development;
  • It is mandatory to rely on a Notary or an Official of the local Chamber of Commerce to ensure that they identify the winner of the competition and draw up the Closing Report of the competition.

How to make a giveaway?

As in any marketing campaign, the first rule of the giveaway is to define your goal. You might choose to create a sweepstakes to increase followers for your page or to increase traffic to your site and user-generated content.

In any case, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the final goal. Only then can you define the content of the giveaway. Here are the main things you will have to arrange in the organization of the competition:

  • Choosing the product to give away: it must be an attractive product that invites participants to participate. You can also choose an economically valuable product because, as we understood previously, it is the only cost to bear for this marketing campaign.
  • Choosing the expiration date: should you prefer a short or long expiration? In today’s marketing world, users tend to change purchasing objectives quickly, so it is preferable to choose a deadline that is not too long.
  • Draw up the participation regulation ;
  • Choose the promotion channels: mainly social networks, with links that lead to an effective Landing Page with a convincing Call to action.

How to make a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram

Without a doubt, Facebook and Instagram are the two main platforms on which to promote a giveaway. Even here, however, there are rules to be respected in order not to run into legal problems.

The first caveat concerns the methods of registration. It is not possible to use sharing or the tag as a method of participating in competitions. A user can post or comment to subscribe, but cannot share the post or tag friends to confirm subscription.

Here are the details of what you can do according to Facebook’s regulations :

  • Allow users to enter the giveaway via post or comment
  • Choose to vote through likes or reactions
  • Allow you to subscribe by sending a private message in Messenger
  • Use a plugin to allow you to participate
  • Use a giveaway management app

Tips for a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram

Every brand wants to maximize results with the giveaway. Here are some useful tips to get excellent results if you want to create a prize contest on Facebook and Buy Instagram Followers.

  • Choose images that can engage your audience right away
  • Include a clear and easy-to-understand call to action
  • For Instagram, it is recommended to rely on an influencer with good visibility
  • Create a hashtag dedicated to the contest
  • Create a clear and understandable regulation

That’s all you need to know about giveaways, the new marketing solution that helps you increase followers and sales. What do you say, have you already chosen the prize to be up for grabs?

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