How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp?

In today’s digital landscape, WhatsApp has solidified its place as a premier messaging platform, connecting people around the globe. The coveted green tick beside a WhatsApp account name is a symbol of authenticity and trust. It indicates that an account is legitimate and verified. This article will guide how to get green tick on WhatsApp.

Understanding the Green Tick Verification

The green tick verification process involves WhatsApp confirming the authenticity of your account. It adds a layer of security and trust, ensuring users that they are interacting with genuine entities and not impostors.

Preparing Your WhatsApp Account for Verification

Before you embark on the green tick journey, make sure your WhatsApp account is set up correctly. Use a recognizable profile picture and ensure your contact information is accurate.

Verifying Your Phone Number

The foundation of WhatsApp verification lies in linking your account to a valid and active phone number. During the setup process, WhatsApp sends a verification code to your phone via SMS. Once entered, your account is associated with that specific number, laying the groundwork for authenticity.

Adding Profile Photo and Name

Your profile photo and name play a significant role in building trust. A clear, professional photo and accurate name make your account easily recognizable to friends and contacts. This step might seem simple, but it’s a crucial one in the verification journey.

Enabling Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification provides an extra layer of security for your WhatsApp account. By setting up a unique PIN, you add a safeguard against unauthorized access. This PIN will be required if you ever need to re-verify your phone number, enhancing the overall security of your account.

Linking to a Verified Business

For businesses, the process of obtaining a green tick involves additional steps. After verifying your phone number, you can apply for a business verification. WhatsApp will guide you through the necessary information and documentation. This process ensures that businesses on the platform are legitimate and trustworthy.

Maintaining Trustworthiness

Beyond acquiring the green tick, it’s vital to maintain a trustworthy presence on WhatsApp.

Quality Messaging (H3)

Sending relevant and meaningful messages keeps your conversations valuable. Avoid spammy behavior that could lead to complaints or mistrust. Engage with your contacts in a respectful and considerate manner.

Updating Contact Information

Regularly review and update your contact information. Make sure your phone number, email address, and other details are accurate. This demonstrates transparency and accessibility.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Steering Clear of Spammy Behavior

Sending excessive, unsolicited messages is a red flag. Such behavior can result in reports from your contacts or even account suspension. Always respect others’ privacy and communicate responsibly.

Adhering to WhatsApp Policies

To retain your green tick, adhere to WhatsApp’s policies. Violating these guidelines, such as sending inappropriate content or engaging in suspicious activities, can lead to the removal of your verification.

Unlocking the potential of WhatsApp’s features can greatly enhance your digital presence. With the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick, your account gains an edge of credibility, reassuring users of its authenticity. This symbol carries weight, especially for businesses and public figures. Meanwhile, the dynamic tool of WhatsApp Blast empowers efficient communication. Whether it’s broadcasting time-sensitive updates or promotional offers, this feature allows you to reach a wider audience swiftly. So, combine the assurance of the Green Tick with the impactful reach of WhatsApp Blast for a comprehensive and influential online engagement strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (250 words)

Q: How long does verification take?

A: Verification processing times vary, but following the correct steps expedites the process.

Q: Can personal accounts get verified?

A: Yes, personal accounts can also obtain the green tick by following the outlined steps.

Q: Is two-step verification mandatory?

A: While not obligatory, enabling two-step verification significantly enhances account security.

Q: Can a verified account lose its green tick?

A: Yes, violations of WhatsApp’s policies or reported suspicious behavior can result in losing verification.

Q: Are business accounts subjected to additional checks?

A: Yes, WhatsApp conducts thorough checks before granting a green tick to business accounts.


The green tick on WhatsApp serves as a digital seal of authenticity. Following the steps outlined in this guide can help you obtain and retain this badge of trust. By verifying your phone number, enhancing your profile, enabling two-step verification, and adhering to WhatsApp’s policies, you can assure your contacts that your account is genuine and reliable. Remember, maintaining trust is an ongoing process that requires responsible and respectful communication.

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