How to Manage Your BigCommerce Migration

Are you considering a big-commerce migration? Whether you are a small business owner or a startup looking forward to expanding established or opening your e-commerce business and seeking better features and scalability, moving to a new platform is a significant decision. Before diving into the processing, there are multiple things you need to know.

In this write-up, we will guide you with all the relevant and precise information you need to know to ensure a successful and seamless big-commerce migration. From covering its benefits to knowing pitfalls, we have covered every single bit of it. Therefore, let’s explore everything with us before making the step. 

Unlock Ecommerce Success with BigCommerce

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform that enables startups or businesses to establish themselves on an online platform. Its user-friendly navigation and robust features allow sellers to manually showcase and sell products, process payments, and handle shipping plus inventory. Offers a variety of customized templates with numerous themes, and extensive aggregations, BigCommerce empowers merchants to build engaging and profitable online storefronts that elevate their brand. 

It also provides different analytics tools to monitor, oversee performance, and generate sales. But before getting convinced with it, you should know what makes it stand out from competitors. 

Overall, BigCommerce is a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a reliable, scalable, and effective platform to grow their online brand presence. 

Why Consider BigCommerce Migration?

Many of you have questions related to BigCommerce, like why people choose this platform over others for migration. So, here we are with an efficient answer to make up your mind on what is right for your business and why you should opt for this platform to achieve your business goals. 

  • Scalar chain: BigCommerce helps you to grow while expanding your business reach. It facilitates you with a platform to showcase your store worldwide and generate instant traffic with marketing skills. The platform helps you manage high traffic and transactions and ensure pleasing audience satisfaction.

  • Design and customization: It’s like a free pizza with extra cheese; this platform allows you to customize your online brand via personalized templates. Well-designed themes individually showcase the real purpose of the brand; It indicates the brand’s image, inspiration, and value.

  • Sophisticated features: BigCommerce offers a platter of built-in features and professional tools to intensify your brand’s functionality. The platform provides flexible product options and everything you require to run a successful e-commerce business.

  • Search optimization: Apart from the mentioned capabilities, BigCommerce is designed with search engine optimization [SEO], which makes it easier for digital stores to rank higher in search engine results pages.

  • 24-hour customer support: On this platform, you have access to round-the-clock customer support, address all technical issues or queries, reduce downtime, and enhance sales potential.

  • Seamless integration: With BigCommerce, you can quickly integrate with multiple applications and tools, enabling streamlined business processing and increased customer experience.

  • Boost efficiency: It offers a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle high customer traffic, magnifying your store’s performance during peak demand.

  • Device compatibility: In today’s smartphone-driven market, BigCommerce ensures a flawless store look across all devices so that consumers will not face a glitch related to visibility. 

Now that, we have covered the benefits of migrating to BigCommerce, You may be thinking about how it relates to BigCommerce website developers

Steps to Perform the Task of BigCommerce Migration

The BigCommerce migration process contains several steps that need to be performed well. Here is a quick brief of its procedures. 

  1. Before starting the migration process, analyze which key elements you want to export, such as products, customer data, order history, etc. Beginning by assessing your current platform will ensure effective pre-migration planning. Create a checklist of tasks you must perform, and set realistic timelines to manage the flexible transition.

  2. You followed by choosing the suitable migration method that suits your business principles. Likewise, BigCommerce offers a majority of migration techniques that allow you to opt for a manual or professional way to complete the migration process seamlessly, along with minimizing the chance of data loss and errors.

  3. When you finish the exportation method, it’s time to migrate your precious data to the BigCommerce store. To ensure adequate accuracy, double-check all the information related to the product, customer, and order history when migrating it from the current platform to BigCommerce.

  4. After completing the migration process, customize your new business store with emerging themes, templates, fonts, etc. Try to magnify your store following the shopper’s decision. Take advantage of the BigCommerce tool to make your store unique, eye-catching, and stand out.

  5. Once completed, check or test your new BigCommerce store to identify any issues or bugs. Examine the capabilities of core functionalities like shopping cart, payment integration, device management, etc. Also, go through its loading speed, so customers will avoid any hassle while visiting the store.

  6. Once you have done the testing process, it’s time to launch your BigCommerce store. But the process continues; you must monitor the website’s performance and essential metrics and be adaptive toward new requirements and changes to improve its overall functioning. 

After following the above-discussed process, you can quickly set up your BigCommerce store without encountering any snags. Many agencies provide these facilities at affordable prices, so you can set up your store with BigCommerce web developer expert’s help, as it offers a budget-friendly solution.


Migrating to BigCommerce can be a game changer for your online business. Besides, it is a significant step that can provide your online store with the guidance required to thrive in this Cutthroat e-commerce landscape. With its scalability, design facility, and advanced features, BigCommerce offers enhanced performance, user experience, and growth potential. 

By following the steps outlined in this write-up, you can proficiently do the task of bigCommerce migration and unlock the growth of your digital business. You can also opt for BigCommerce Migration Services to make it hassle-proof for you. MakkPress Technologies is the best agency for your BigCommerce-related services as they have over 10+ years of experience in eCommerce development and marketing. Therefore, take action and flourish your business like never before. 

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