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IPLCinema : Craft of Pace Bowling – Skills on Display in the IPL

JioCinema, IPL’s official digital streaming partner, has made waves since its start of season 16 on March 31st with record peak concurrency rates and average user time spent during matches. Blockbuster Today IPL match action coming your way today! Watch LIVE on in breathtaking quality.

Due to their commitment of giving control back to fans and giving them unprecedented autonomy during live action, this success can be attributed to IPL Digital’s goal of revamping consumer expectations regarding how they watch IPL on digital.

Bowling at a high pace

There’s something hypnotic about watching an extraordinary swing bowler at work; their red or white cherry moving swiftly toward and away from the batsman, curving, dipping and reversing as it leaves him or her vulnerable and defenseless against it. Some bowlers such as Muttiah Muralitharan and Daniel Vettori can make the ball dance around him or her with ease; regardless of any safeguards put into place to defend against them they remain sitting ducks against these masters of swing bowling!

Spinners also carry great promise, although their art may have become lost in the rush to deliver flat trajectories with subtle deviations and flat trajectories that catch batters off guard. That is why Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal have become so popular this IPL season; both bowlers regularly taking two wickets or more per over.

JioCinema’s decision to stream all Indian Premier League (IPL) matches live for free has generated headlines, while also helping grow subscriber base. Last month, the company reported it had doubled paying users from one million to over two million in just several months.

Though Jio’s new service has made an impressive first step forward, its scope remains limited to subscribers of its telecom network. But its planned release of an affordable virtual reality headset and glasses called JioDive could further broaden its subscriber numbers as people without smart TVs can watch Indian Premier League (IPL) matches using their phones instead.

Given India’s limited fast Internet reach, costly data plans, and lower smartphone penetration than television sets, traditional broadcasters still enjoy superior viewership figures when compared with OTT platforms. But digital disruption has given rise to a new player in this space who may eventually upend traditional industry dynamics.

JioCinema’s move of offering IPL for free will wreak havoc for Viacom18 as well as all OTT players that rely on paid subscriptions for revenue generation, ultimately harming both established and emerging SVOD players in India. This decision could prove devastating.


Bowling pace depends on a range of factors. Not only is strength essential, but so too are movement and technique. A perfect run up, delivery stride practice and follow through are essential to reaching maximum bowling speeds. Maintaining proper body position also contributes to creating speed while you bowl. Stay entertained and updated on all fronts with your morning Pioneer EPaper. It brings you the world through stories, automobiles, cricket, destinations and money matters.

To be an effective bowler, one needs a strong upper body with fat-free shoulders and a sturdy base, along with good gripping skills to spin the ball at high paces. An expert bowler should also possess great control of balance without losing concentration while bowling at such high rates – the best way to enhance bowling performance is through practice and patience.

JioCinema, which holds the OTT rights to IPL 2023, set an astounding world record by hosting 12 crore unique viewers for its final. This impressive feat bodes well for JioCinema as its digital ad revenue could soon surpass TV ad revenues.

Voot’s IPL coverage last season garnered just 3.2 crore peak concurrency; by comparison, JioCinema recorded almost double that number thanks to its extensive library of content, multiple camera angles, and commentary in seven languages – along with offering free streaming and giving JioCinema an edge over competitors.

JioCinema will undoubtedly fare well when competition resumes for remaining matches, as their large audience and varied demographics should ensure continued growth into the future.

Digital India Ka Digital IPL features MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav to show consumers the advantages of watching games on JioCinema instead of traditional television. It seeks to change consumer expectations about how they will watch IPL this season through a comprehensive set of fan-centric digital offerings that give fans unprecedented control over how, when, and where they watch IPL matches this year.

Slower ball

Slower balls are an invaluable asset to T20 bowlers. Their unpredictable pace can unnerve batsmen into making hasty decisions or missing shots altogether, providing deception and variation against fast bowlers who may otherwise become predictable over time.

New Zealander Trent Mills stands out as a master of slow bowling. His ability to bowl balls at slower than his typical speed can stun even experienced batsmen like Yuvraj Singh and Chris Gayle in T20Is and PSL matches, among many others.

A bowler who wants to successfully execute a slow ball must be able to modify their speed without changing their grip on the ball – not an easy feat, and may take practice and time before perfecting this skill. But those who can master it are true gems who add tremendous value to their teams.

Slow balls can be delivered full length or off stump, and are most effective when bowlers place it where batsmen have no option but to play short shots against it. When bowlers use slow ball bowling effectively they can achieve wickets at an economical pace.

Many bowlers incorporate various slower balls into their arsenal for various uses. One such slower ball, known as the split finger slower ball, can be delivered using the same arm action but at a slightly slower speed; you can accomplish this effect by gripping or cocking your wrist at the last moment to generate slower deliveries.

Bowlers must try their best to vary their pace as much as possible in order to throw off batters, increasing their chances of dismissal – especially in T20 where timescales are so compressed and any form of deception can prove invaluable.


The best bowlers are masters of variation in pace, employing off-cutters, leg-cutters, knuckleballs and palm balls to deceive batsmen and dismiss them. Additionally, they employ slower balls by gripping differently or cocking their wrist at the last moment and bowling on good length at batsman feet, often leading to nickings.

Bouncers are another powerful weapon bowlers use to deny batsmen the opportunity to perform their natural stroke. When pitched at the feet of right-handed batsman with slip fielders positioned nearby in case any edge occurs, this creates an ideal scenario for bowlers looking to deny batsman access to their natural stroke. A successful bouncer delivery can become one of the primary tools of success on his team if executed well.

JioCinema of Reliance Industries secured IPL broadcasting rights from 2023-2027 with Viacom18 for Rs 23,758 crore last year and made IPL games free to stream digitally on digital streaming platforms such as Jio Cinema’s extensive library of movies and TV shows in multiple languages that helped increase viewership and engagement with Jio users.

JioCinema has launched an engaging pan-India campaign titled ‘Digital India Ka Digital TATA IPL” with MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav as its stars to increase engagement with digital streaming of IPL matches for free.

JioCinema has collaborated with over 20 leading brands to offer free IPL streaming, such as Dream11, Appy Fizz, Tiago EV, Castrol, ET Money, OReo and Bingo; Bingo also makes up part of this offering; plus there’s the in-app purchase feature which allows viewers to rent or buy movies from an extensive library of titles! The app comes equipped with many user experience enhancing features – like in-app purchase which enables viewers to rent or buy movies directly within its application!

As IPL Season comes to a close, it has become clear that cricket fans prefer digital streaming as their preferred method for watching IPL matches. While television still maintains its stronghold in the market, over-the-top platforms have proven they can compete effectively thanks to their wide range of features and affordable pricing structures.

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