Looking to Generate More Leads? – You Need These PPC Services

Is pay-per-click (PPC) a tool exclusively for generating immediate sales? No. PPC ads can also generate leads. And when lead generation is the goal, PPC services take on a whole new dimension. It takes a bit of extra knowledge and skill to craft PPC ad campaigns capable of generating qualified leads.

Below is a selection of PPC services you need if you want your ads to generate qualified leads. But before getting to them, a definition of ‘qualified leads’ is in order. Qualified leads are leads representing people or organizations already likely to take advantage of what you offer. The only question is whether you will be the preferred source.

With that out of the way, here are the PPC services you need to generate more leads:

1. Google Search Ads

There is no point in denying that Google dominates the paid ad space. Google invented it; Google continues to lead it into the future. So if you want to generate new leads, you have to target an audience of Google users. You do so by creating persuasive ads that direct users to landing pages. The landing pages then become the avenue for soliciting leads.

2. Social Media Advertising

We have established that Google leads the PPC space. Do you know who is in second place? It is Meta, via their Facebook social media platform. Facebook’s advantage lies in its advanced targeting capabilities. You can get far more granular on Facebook than you can with Google.

Do not stop with Facebook. As long as you’re investing in social media PPC, invest at least something in platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. They will all pay off to one degree or another.

3. Ad Retargeting

Also known as remarketing, ad retargeting is a strategy of developing new ads targeted exclusively at consumers who have already visited your website. Those who have never been to your site don’t see these ads.

Retargeting is ideal for generating leads for one simple fact: previous visitors have made the conscious decision to come back. Send them to a targeted landing page and they are ripe for lead generation.

With this particular PPC service, Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing says that landing pages are key. You are not necessarily expecting a consumer to make a direct purchase after clicking on a retargeted ad. But you want them to produce something. Therefore, landing pages should be geared toward generating leads.

4. Landing Page Optimization

While landing page optimization is not a PPC service exclusively, it still applies for the simple fact that landing pages are the crucial link between PPC ads and lead generation. What visitors experience on a landing page directly impacts whether they represent valid leads.

A landing page should have a clear call to action. It should guide potential leads through whatever steps are necessary to get them to take positive action. For example, you might want visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Your landing page should guide them toward that decision.

Landing page optimization does just that. It is a strategy of crafting landing pages that accomplishes a specific purpose. In the case of generating leads, a customer should have to go no further than the landing page to respond positively.

A Final Word About PPC

One final word about PPC: it’s a short-term strategy. PPC advertising can generate exceptional results over limited periods of time. Making PPC a long-term strategy requires ongoing investments in new ad campaigns. So continual PPC services are worth the investment only if they generate the desired number of leads.

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