Role & Scope of Becoming an IRCTC Agent

Role & Scope of Becoming an IRCTC Agent

As railway connectivity and services have significantly revolutionized in India, the number of train passengers is increasing every day. Due to seamless train connectivity with distinct cities and states at budget-friendly prices, people find it feasible to travel via train. However, with the increased number of train passengers, it has been quite difficult to manage various tasks, like ticket booking and cancellation. This is where IRCTC agents come into play. 

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has developed a scheme for the IRCTC agents, wherein they can earn a higher amount of income while helping train passengers and contributing to the overall functioning of the Indian railway system. 

So, if you wish to become an IRCTC agent, you can do new IRCTC agent registration today, 

Role of an IRCTC Agent

Ticket Booking

One of the primary roles of an IRCTC agent is to help passengers book train tickets, especially those who do not have access to the internet or find it challenging to navigate the online booking system. Agents can book tickets for various classes, like AC. With access to the IRCTC portal, agents can make reservations for people seamlessly. 

Cancellation & Modification

Some passengers wish to cancel their tickets & receive funds, and make modifications due to a change of plans. Agents are trained to navigate the complexities of the refund & cancellation process. It allows passengers to get refunds or change their pre-booking plan. 

Tour Packages & Services

Some IRCTC agents transcend their services from train bookings & cancellations to offering additional travel services, such as taxi/cab services, holiday packages, and hotel bookings. 

By providing such state-of-the-art services, agents extend their scope of role. By offering comprehensive travel solutions, agents earn a reputation, leading to a wider customer base & increased earnings.

Assisting Senior Citizens and differently-abled Passengers

IRCTC agents often provide specialized assistance to differently-abled and senior citizens. They help them book tickets, arrange for wheelchair help at stations, and ensure their smooth & seamless train travel experience. 

Bulk Booking for Groups

IRCTC agents help passengers make smooth group bookings. Many schools, companies, and organizations prefer to use IRCTC agents to coordinate and book multiple tickets. 

Scope of Becoming an IRCTC Agent 

If you wish to become an IRCTC agent, you must know its scope thoroughly:-

Wider Geographical Reach

The scope of becoming an agent is vast. You can cater to train passengers from all corners of the country. Whether it is a village or a city, people usually rely on IRCTC agents for their train travel journey. 

Business Expansion

As an IRCTC agent, you have a great opportunity to expand your business or agency. You can expand your business areas into travel insurance, package tours, and allied services. It may help you increase your revenue streams. 

Digital Presence

In the era of digitalization, you can establish a digital presence. By creating your website or an app, you can attract customers and offer online train-related services, thereby reaching a wider audience. 

Customer Loyalty

Building stronger relationships and providing exceptional services to your customers is crucial. It may help you have stronger customer loyalty. Word-of-mouth referrals by your daily customers can help you boost your business. 


IRCTC collaborates with agents for special offers. You may take advantage of such partnerships to offer fantastic deals to your customers, further enhancing the business scope.

Benefits of Becoming an IRCTC Agent 

You can do IRCTC agency apply and avail yourself of a multitude of benefits, such as:-

Earn Commission

As an IRCTC agent, you can earn a commission on every ticket you book, thereby making it a financially rewarding venture. You must note that the commission rates vary based on factors like the class of travel, like commissions for sleeper class and AC are different. 


You may enjoy flexibility in terms of location and working hours. You can operate from your home, office, or even while traveling at your convenience. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

You can scale your business depending on your budget and goals. You can become an agent if you wish to start your own venture. While contributing to tourism, you can earn substantial income. 

So, you can look for an authorized IRCTC provider that helps you become the best agent. Embark on your journey towards a successful career by doing a new IRCTC agent registration today.

Bottom Line

In today’s era, where continuous measures are being taken to revolutionize train travel for people, becoming an IRCTC agent is advantageous. While contributing to Indian railways, you can earn huge sums of money. So, if you wish to become an agent, you must look for the best IRCTC provider that will help you to become an authentic IRCTC agent. You may consider factors such as credibility & license, reliability, and training & certification. You can undergo professional training and earn authentic certificates to become an authorized IRCTC agent, enabling you to embark on a successful career. With SiOnline, you can do new IRCTC agent registration , undergo professional training, and have access to multiple train-related services. So, do the IRCTC agency apply today. 

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