The 10 Best Clickbank Alternatives in 2024 for Affiliate Marketing

Founded in 1998, Clickbank is one of the largest digital marketplace platforms connecting affiliate marketers with product creators. It boasts a massive library of digital goods from ebooks, video courses, software apps and more that affiliates can promote to earn commissions.

However, successful affiliate marketers understand the importance of diversification. Relying solely on one affiliate network like Clickbank limits your options.

That’s why utilizing Clickbank alternatives is key for unlocking additional earning opportunities.


In this post, we’ll highlight 10 of the best Clickbank competitors to consider joining as an affiliate looking to maximize your income potential in 2024 and beyond.

Overview of Top Clickbank Alternative Networks

Here’s a preview of 10 affiliate marketing networks that can supplement or replace Clickbank as part of a well-rounded affiliate strategy:

  1. ShareASale – Leading general affiliate network with 2000+ merchants and strong rewards program
  2. JVZoo – Popular digital marketplace with instant affiliate commissions
  3. Amazon Associates – Massive product selection and trusted brand names
  4. Rakuten Marketing – 3500+ brands across diverse verticals
  5. CJ Affiliate – Established network supporting influencer marketing
  6. Daisycon – European network focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle
  7. AvantLink – Specializes in supplement, fitness and health verticals
  8. VigLink – Monetizes existing website content via commerce links
  9. RewardStyle – Influencer-centric fashion monetization
  10. Awin – 15,000+ global partner merchants

Next, let’s explore each of these 10 Clickbank alternative networks in more detail.

1. ShareASale

Founded in 2000, ShareASale operates one of the largest general affiliate marketing networks with 3919 active merchant programs and counting. Their partner brands span everything from major retailers to hospitality services, subscription boxes, cloud software vendors and information products.

ShareASale manages over 525 million in affiliate transactions annually. They continue attracting more top brands while offering solid commission rates thanks to their reputation for reliable tracking, reporting and payments.

For affiliates, you gain access to a dashboard for managing all your programs in one place plus powerful analytics. Their exclusive SASSIE Awards program recognizes the highest-earning affiliates annually.

Overall, prominent blogger affiliate programs coupled with robust rewards for top sellers make ShareASale a premier ClinkBank competitor.

2. JVZoo

JVZoo is a leading digital marketplace focused on info, software and education products.

This platform appeals to buyers searching for training courses related to online business models, marketing tactics and professional IT skills development. As such, it attracts self-education buyers researching solutions for career or revenue growth goals.

For affiliates promoting relevant offers, JVZoo delivers instant payments anytime you secure a sale. They support multiple affiliate commission structures beyond one time payments including recurring lifetime commissions.

JVZoo also provides an automated affiliate platform for tracking, payments and campaign management. The ability to instantly access earnings rather than waiting for delayed monthly payouts is a strong incentive for marketers seeking immediate income from their efforts.

3. Amazon Associates

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon boasts over 350 million products covering every consumer vertical imaginable from household essentials to electronics, fashion, beauty, premium subscriptions, digital entertainment and more.

This extensive selection also equates to endless affiliate opportunities via the Amazon Associates program.

After a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link at Amazon, you earn attractive commission rates from qualifying product categories. Digital products including ebooks, music, video and software downloads offer up to 10% referral fees.

Luxury beauty items award 15% while everyday replaceables like grocery and personal care products pay commissions up to 5%.

Beyond the buying intent driven by Amazon’s brand authority and immense inventory, their robust reporting also makes managing campaigns highly transparent.

4. Rakuten Marketing

Formerly known as LinkShare, Rakuten Marketing is a leading performance marketing network founded in 1996. They work with over 3500 brand partners globally across verticals like travel, finance, leisure, media and more.

The Rakuten affiliate program provides flexible commission structures include pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale options. Their catalog spans popular retail chains, hotel brands, apparel stores, rental car companies and other services commonly leveraged by consumers.

Rakuten uses advanced reporting and analytics to inform optimization. Affiliates can tailor landing pages and personalized URLs for deeper campaign insights.

With expert account managers, intuitive campaign management and automated payout systems, Rakuten empowers advertisers to capitalize on qualified traffic while making life easier for publishers monetizing their sites.

5. CJ Affiliate

Operating since 1998, CJ Affiliate by Conversant is one of the longest-running and most recognizable affiliate marketing networks. They specialize in pay for performance programs that only reward partners for driving actual conversions.

CJ Affiliate provides access to advertisers across a vast range of verticals. Many emphasize physical products prominently purchased online.

However, their platform also readily supports influencer affiliate marketing. Content creators on social media, streaming and blogging platforms can easily monetize their original productions and recommendations via relevant CJ advertiser promotions.

With customizable reporting and analytics, CJ Affiliate supplies the comprehensive campaign data today’s data-driven digital marketers demand. Performance insights inform better decisions while robust tracking ensures accurate attribution. This leaves no question about earned commissions.

For publishers and marketers, CJ Affiliate provides the sophistication contemporary affiliate programs require. Extensive advertiser diversity provides many options to meet content needs and monetization goals through a mature, reliable network.

6. Daisycon

Founded in the Netherlands, Daisycon empowers affiliates and lead-generators to capitalize on surging demand for online fashion, accessories, beauty, lifestyle products and experiences.

They connect webmasters, bloggers, influencers andloyalty partners with 1300+ merchants globally. Daisycon offers the affiliate tracking technology to support performance marketing across multiple advertising channels beyond affiliate links.

Their platform readily facilitates search marketing, email marketing, cart abandonment and retargeting flows, product feeds plus attribution for organic social content.

With expertise built on over 22 years as an industry pioneer in Europe, Daisycon provides unique access to fashion, luxury and emerging ecommerce advertisers that primes you for capturing booming spending growth.

7. AvantLink

Founded in 2006, AvantLink is a targeted affiliate network connecting publishers to advertisers in growth industries like supplements, fitness, health services, courses and subscription programs.

Their platform provides transparency including advertiser tier ratings and reviews from other affiliates. You gain visibility into commission rates, cookie duration and more to assess potential partnerships.

AvantLink also offers a niche market focus, which differs from larger general affiliate networks that can overwhelm you with advertiser options not closely aligned with your brand. Health and wellness represent over $179 billion in US consumer spend alone as people increasingly prioritize these verticals.

So if your affiliate website, videos or influencer content caters to audiences interested in athleisure, nutrition, advanced medical therapies or software for exercise, skin care or weight management, AvantLink delivers very relevant monetization opportunities.

8. VigLink

VigLink pioneered a more automated affiliate approach that monetizes existing website content without manually applying links. Their technology automatically transforms references to over 100,000 retailers into commerce-enabled affiliate links.

Publishers simply add a single VigLink script to their site. As site visitors navigate pages, VigLink identifies product references and dynamically generates affiliate links to them offering you a commission if readers purchase.

You still retain full control over link settings and branding to align with site style guides. Granular analytics offer actionable insights into content monetization performance.

Especially for publishers producing high volumes of content across multiple domains, VigLink saves immense manual labor. Automatically insert affiliate links while letting you focus on content creation and community building.

9. RewardStyle

RewardStyle empowers top fashion and lifestyle influencers to monetize their inspiration. This global influencer marketing platform provides invite-only access to leading brands in categories like apparel, accessories, beauty, home goods and more.

However, RewardStyle differs vastly from CJ Affiliate. While CJ relies on self-serve sign up approving nearly all applicants, RewardStyle carefully vets each influencer through an application process assessing audience quality and size before approving monetization privileges.

This positions RewardStyle as a more exclusive network for top-tier creators to earn commission income from style-centric product recommendations influencing purchase decisions among their engaged followers. Brands also benefit from access to pre-qualified influencers.

For those focused on building loyal style communities through blogs, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms, RewardStyle delivers premium monetization partnerships other networks can’t match.

10. Awin

With over 15,000 partner merchants globally, Awin serves as the largest international affiliate network spanning Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Their platform supports expanded growth opportunities through worldwide affiliate partnerships and robust multilingual support across currencies.

Awin grants access to leading international brands across verticals like retail, travel, telecom and financial services. This diversity provides stability through economic cycles. As consumer demand fluctuates market-by-market, easily shift focus toward industry verticals and geo-targeted programscapitalizing on growth.

For marketers seeking to scale affiliate operations beyond single countries, Awin’s global infrastructure offers centralized tracking and reporting with the flexibility to optimize regionally. Having boots on the ground across global markets for over two decades also provides Awin critical local market experience to enable your worldwide affiliate success.

Which Clickbank Alternative is Best for You?

This overview of the 10 best Clickbank competitors for 2024 outlines sizable opportunities to diversify your income streams through alternate affiliate programs and networks.

Yet with so many options now available in the booming performance marketing industry, determining which platforms to invest time mastering can feel overwhelming.

As you evaluate networks beyond Clickbank, analyze your website and content focus, targeted buyer demographics, digital products and services you use and recommend and technology stack capabilities. This helps determine ideal networks for either replacing or complementing your Clickbank efforts based on synergies with your strengths and audience.

Through deliberate affiliate network diversification, you gain exposure to wider arrays of advertisers, brand partner opportunities and consumer verticals. You also mitigate risk from platform dependency by building flexible income channels resilient to potential changes with any single network.

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