Top Pointers To Follow While Writing A Perfect Sop

If you want to study abroad then you must prepare a perfect SOP. This document is basically an essay cum application. All those who desire admission into international universities must prepare a proper SOP. The basic aim of the SOP is to present your introduction, background, career aspirations, and more. The pointers of your SOP should be enough to persuade the authorities to approve your admission.

The admission committee and supervisors thoroughly read the SOPs and then determine whether you deserve admission into a foreign course or not. The SOP lets you understand your thought process clearly. So you must focus on writing a perfect SOP so that your chances to study at some top university increases significantly. There are many elements that entail an SOP. It could be tough to handle it all on your own. Hence many students prefer to seek guidance from the top UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Read on to know about the format of SOP, the main features, and other vital information that should be there in your Perfect SOP

The basic format of an Perfect SOP

The perfect SOP has to be composed in clear and specific paragraphs. You can add bullet points to your SOP but it is advisable to keep them minimal. The SOP has to be like a free-flowing essay. Talking about the length of the SOP, it should be 2 pages long, font size of 12, and double-spaced. There is no specific word count for writing SOP. But keep it between 800-1200 words. Experts recommend that the entire SOP should be split into 5-7 paragraphs. And every paragraph should have around 150-250 words. Don’t go for fancy fonts, text, or images in your SOP. It has to be simple and impactful.


Your perfect SOP begins with a powerful introduction. Now you must note an important point here. Some students think that they have to write their self-introduction in the first paragraph. However, that’s not true. The first paragraph should mention your chosen academic field. Mention what you expect from your selected course. See you have to be aware of your selected course and also express your interest in the same.

Furthermore, you can mention your long-term goals and plans. While saying your goals try to establish a firm connection between your goals with the course you choose. It is a must to have a thorough understanding of your course.

Talk about the post-study work or study opportunities. After the conclusion of your course, you will have two options-get a job or pursue a master’s or research degree. Mention the path you’ll choose. A good introduction is a must and can help to cast a great impression on the authorities.

Academic background

Now in the second paragraph, you have to talk about your academic background. Mention details about your school or college. If you have work experience then that’s an added advantage. Talk about the same in this paragraph. But in case you don’t have work experience nothing much to worry about. Try to talk about any report or major achievement that could help you stand out.

Professional experience

Most of the students aspiring to study abroad possess work experience. It isn’t necessary to have a full-time job experience. Any part-time work, short-term training project, freelancing, etc can be added to your professional experience. Mention your skills alongside your experience.

Why pursue the particular course

WE discuss the reasons for selecting the particular course. Talk about the syllabus of the course. Furthermore, mention what skills you desire to improve by pursuing the chosen course. Also, how can your chosen course take you closer to the achievement of your goals and your long-term plans? Do you plan to study in the USA? Filing a visa can be a daunting task. So why not get assistance from the USA student visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Summing it up

If you want to study abroad then you must prepare a perfect SOP. This document is basically an essay cum application. All those who desire admission into international universities must prepare a proper SOP. We hope the above article provided you with information about the same.

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