Top Things to Know Before You Choose Postcard Printing to Promote Your Business

So, you have designed your postcard and plan to send it to a printing service, but before you proceed, there are a few things you have to consider.

Postcard printing is an efficacious method to market your brand. This printing item has the important details that your potential customers should know to take action.

When you know about the important things to consider for postcard printing, you can ensure a better printing process by the postcard printing services. So, let’s take a look at them.

Choose a Purpose for Your Postcard

The primary focus of the postcard will vary based on its purpose. In case you are encouraging people to purchase your product or service, it is essential to include the right image. It has to be something that stands out since it is the primary focus of the postcard.

Rather than overcrowding your postcard with an exhaustive inventory list, opt for showcasing a singular image exemplifying the item style you aim to highlight. Employ zoom or cropping tools to focus on a close-up of your primary image, allowing recipients to grasp the essence of your offering and gauge their interest. Simplify the process for potential customers, ensuring your offer is conveyed with utmost clarity.

The backdrop of your postcard serves as an opportunity to guide your reader’s gaze towards the central image or key aspect of your message. Should your background prove overly intricate, it can potentially overshadow the more pivotal design elements, rendering them less discernible. Experiment with a neutral background to accentuate the images and contents, ensuring they stand out prominently.

Add All Important Information

To prevent your postcard from being discarded, ensure it encompasses all the vital elements succinctly, enabling recipients to grasp your intended message. Incorporate a captivating and informative headline, a straightforward call to action, and an irresistible offer that compels engagement.

Harmony should resonate across all design elements. Always prioritize placing crucial information on the front of the postcard, ensuring readers encounter it promptly.

In case you choose to include a coupon on the postcard, it can be beneficial to include a perforated line to the design to help your recipients tear off the coupon to hold on to them.

Choose Thicker Cardstock

Pause for a moment to recall the contrast between receiving a postcard on thicker, weightier card stock versus a thinner counterpart. Typically, denser and heftier card stocks project a greater sense of value and significance compared to their lighter counterparts. While designing your postcard, contemplate opting for printing on thicker cardstock, such as 14 points or higher, to impart a heightened sense of importance to your recipients.

Furthermore, thicker cardstock possesses greater durability, enduring the rigors of transit and handling with resilience. Your recipients will discern the distinction between your sturdier cardstock and the thinner postcards they might receive. While thicker cardstock often comes at a higher cost, if your budget permits, it can prove a valuable investment in enhancing your postcard’s impact.

Maintain Premium Print Quality

You need to make sure that the print quality you are getting from the postcard print and mail service is of top quality. Maintain awareness that your intended audience is familiar with top-notch printed materials. Setting your tradeshow materials apart requires an exceptional approach. Ensuring your business’s printed assets meet these expectations is crucial to avoid any letdown.

The caliber of your printing equipment and process will dictate this outcome. Opt for a reputable print and mail postcards online or Offline Company with a demonstrated history of utilizing superior materials to produce top-tier products.

Preview Your Final Product

Few things are more frustrating than printing thousands of postcards, only to discover that content has been inadvertently cropped or the end result doesn’t align with your vision. To avert such scenarios, procure a single preview of your ultimate product via an e-proof request. If it mirrors your envisioned outcome, proceed with direct mail printing. If not, return to the designer for necessary adjustments.

After devoting resources and effort to craft your postcard mailer, the thrill of having the tangible end product is undeniable. Yet, before you reach that concluding stage and embark on your direct mail campaign, ensure all vital content and formatting aspects have been meticulously incorporated.

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