What is Doodle Video?

Doodle videos represent a category of animated or training videos, often referred to as whiteboard animation videos where drawings, sketches, or images are created in real-time on a whiteboard or a digital canvas. Within Cartoon Media, our expertise specialize in creating top-quality animations doodle videos that not only enhance customer engagement but also contribute to global sales augmentation. By a unique animation style, doodle videos typically feature an animated hand sketching while a narrator delivers your marketing story of products and services. This innovative combination of auditory and visual elements enables viewers to more effectively understand and internalize the information you aim to convey. In an era where audiences are inundated with a multitude of marketing messages, it’s crucial to adopt distinct strategies. Doodle videos stand out as one of the most impactful and memorable methods for conveying your marketing communication at an international level.


Doodle videos are commonly used for educational purposes, presentations, marketing campaigns, and online tutorials. They have gained popularity due to their engaging and visually appealing nature, as well as their ability to simplify complex concepts and make information more accessible to viewers. With advancements in digital technology, doodle or whiteboard videos can also be created using software and applications that automate the drawing process, making it easier to produce these videos without the need for artistic skills. The process of creating whiteboard animations serves the purpose of attracting, engaging and converting the viewers into customers for sales and social media snippets. 


Doodle Video stands as a prominent creator of whiteboard animation makers for creating videos that significantly enhance education and various cross-functional activities. The doodle drawings are often simple and accompanied by text or other visual elements to enhance the message being conveyed. Our own customized explainer videos provide the ideal solution for online learning, training and more. 


Key Benefits of Doodle Videos 


  1. Simplifying complex messages 


The process of simplifying complex messages in doodle video creations involves translating intricate information into a visual format that is both engaging and easy to comprehend. This approach enhances communication, facilitates learning and ensures that even challenging ideas can be effectively conveyed to a wide audience globally.


  1. Displaying your individuality & enhancing branding 


Doodle videos offer a canvas to infuse your visual identity and set you apart from competitors. Through animated video characters and scenarios, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality. Whether it’s a playful tone or a serious attitude, doodle videos allow you to establish a connection by resonating with your audience’s emotions.


  1. Engaging with your customers 


Doodle video features a unique cartoon style. The visual aspect captures the viewer’s attention, making them more likely to continue interacting with your content. The interactive and visually engaging nature of these whiteboard videos not only fosters understanding but a sense of enjoyment, makes your brand more memorable, and encourages ongoing interaction.  


How to create doodle videos?  


Creating a doodle video involves several steps to create engaging and informative animations. Here is an overview of the process:


Conceptualization and Scripting 

Begin by outlining your message or story. What message do you aim to communicate using the doodle video? Create a clear script that includes the narration, dialogues and key points you want to illustrate.



Visualize the flow of your video creation by sketching a rough storyboard. This helps you plan the sequence of scenes and ensures a coherent narrative.


Gathering Resources


Collect any visual assets you plan to use, such as images, icons, and graphics. These will be incorporated into your whiteboard animations.


Selecting a Doodle Video Software


Choose a doodle video creation tool or software. There are various options available, each with its own features and capabilities. Some of the popular tools are VideoScribe, Doodly and Explaindio.


Creating Visual Elements


Within the chosen software, start building your animation. You’ll typically use a combination of pre-made graphics, text & characters. These elements will be used to visually represent your script.


Animating the Hand


In a doodle video, the hand that appears to be drawing the images is a key component. Most doodle video software offers the option to add this hand, which gives the animation its distinct whiteboard style.


Adding Voiceover or Narration


Record your script’s narration using professional recording equipment or hire a voiceover artist. Then, synchronize the narration with the video animation to ensure they complement each other.


Timing and Transitions


Adjust the timing of each element to match the narration and create a smooth transition between scenes. This involves setting when the hand appears to draw each element.


Effects and Enhancements 

Enhance your whiteboard animation videos with effects like text animations, transitions, and zoom-ins to keep the viewers engaged.


Review and Editing 


Watch the entire animation to check for any inconsistencies, errors, or pacing issues. If needed, make any necessary adjustments to ensure a targeted final product.


Exporting and Sharing 


Once you’re satisfied with the animation, export it in the desired format and resolution. You can then share it on various platforms, such as your website, social media, or eLearning platforms.


How can Doodle Videos enhance your business?


Doodle videos harness the storytelling potential of cartoons to convey narratives. Stories are recognized as effective tools for remembering important information, such as the value and benefits of your products and services. As a hand sketches the initial letter and then the successive letters of a word, the brain instinctively predicts the word`s completion. Similar predictions arise when observing the creation of cartoons. This curiosity fuels the desire to unveil what will materialize next, acting as a driving force for viewers to maintain their engagement with your whiteboard animated video.


Naturally, this prolonged engagement translates into extended stay durations on your website, reducing the likelihood of rapid page exits or “bounces”. Swift departures from a website typically occur when visitors don`t immediately encounter content of interest. Therefore it is wise to captivate their attention using an animated Doodle video. This approach not only fosters a connection with the viewer but also substantially enhances the probability of a future purchase.


Essentially, Doodle videos leverage the engaging nature of cartoons to build stories that improve memory retention, expand viewer engagement and ultimately contribute to fostering relationships and boosting conversion rates.

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